I learned about existence of British law company Carter-Ruck two years ago at performance in “Colour of Night” club on Bolshoy Kozikhinsky side-street. They have such format – invite the interesting person (it is not about me) to informal benefit performance. Give the announcement, people reserve tables, and then "the interesting person" answers the questions
Sufficient evidence has been gathered in this case to justify arraigning Aleksandr Yevgenyevich Lebedev on a charge of having committed hooliganism, that is, a gross violation of public order expressing clear disrespect for society and motivated by political hatred, to wit:
A lot has changed in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, since America’s ugly involvement in the 1990s (as captured in the 2001 film Black Hawk Down). Evgeny Lebedev travels to a city fighting for recovery, and sees progress and stagnation battling for primacy. As Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali tells him, “Somalis are sick and tired of being sick and tired.” There are signs of promise—the city’s Bakaara market has replaced bullets and forged passports with local produce, grain, and meat. But with the al Shabaab militia still festering in the south of the country and al-Qaeda maintaining a toehold, control may still be out of the government’s reach.
Evgeny Lebedev, the proprietor of the Independent and London Evening Standard, is questioned by Carine Patry Hoskins at the Leveson inquiry. He says he has never been asked by any politican to give political support, and has invested £75m over the last three years to fund his two titles.
The shots fired on London’s respectable Byng Street on 20 March brought German Gorbuntsov, a banker with a vague past, to the front pages of the world’s leading newspapers. The scandal around the extradition to Lithuania of another escapee to London, former Snoras bank owner Vladimir Antonov, went unnoticed. But the two men appear to be so closely connected that their cases might as well be investigated as a single “Russian bank mafia” case.
In “Gorbuntsov case” it is worth questioning Mr A.Melnichenko, Forbes list, who was head of Conversbank (Moscow) and lives in London. Suggest 4 more witnesses: A.Egiazaryan, former MP, gangster, now hiding in USA (can be contacted through Department of Justice). Defrauded 2 Russian banks – Mosnatsbank & Unicombank for approximately $1,2 bln – and laundered funds through bank Louis D’or, Barbados (now liquidated). Knows a lot.


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