In his call for the establishment of an international anti-corruption agency during last week’s Economic Crime Conference in Cambridge, UK (We must create a global force to fight corruption), Alexander Lebedev put forward some convincing arguments about how putting a stop to corruption will have huge benefits for the economy and society. He’s right -- getting governments to work together to enforce the law more rigorously is a critical part of achieving that
As Kiev prepares for the last act of Euro 2012 – tomorrow night's final between Italy and Spain – the country is reflecting on a tournament that went a lot better than many expected in terms of organisation and fan experience. But attention is now turning to corruption allegations surrounding President Viktor Yanukovych and his government.
The government bused in many people from other cities for last month's big pro-Putin rally at a Moscow stadium. The locals there were mainly public sector workers. They form part of what the banker and newspaper publisher Alexander Lebedev calls Putin's nuclear electorate.
"I think none of the institutions in this country works," says businessman Alexander Lebedev. "I think the judges are not the judges, the police are not the police, the central bank inspectors are not the central bank inspectors, and finally, the bureaucrats are not the bureaucrats. They're after quick profit, through corruption."
The shots fired on London’s respectable Byng Street on 20 March brought German Gorbuntsov, a banker with a vague past, to the front pages of the world’s leading newspapers. The scandal around the extradition to Lithuania of another escapee to London, former Snoras bank owner Vladimir Antonov, went unnoticed. But the two men appear to be so closely connected that their cases might as well be investigated as a single “Russian bank mafia” case.


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