That’s not about Kyrzbekistan. That’s about more serious confusion.

So you guys in your quasi “investigation” see similarities in the story of $2,5 bln. client’s money stolen by Pugachev in Russian Mejprombank and “Lebedev's case”. What exactly is “Lebedev's case”? What do you mean by that? Are you serious or just kidding? What could this capo di capi I called fraudster in your paper last year can possibly have to do with me, with any of my “cases”?

Pugachev, read my lips, is Russian analogue of American Bernard Madoff. The only difference is that Madoff's lawyers didn’t advised him to claim he had been victim of Obama’s tyrannical, oppressive US regime. Poor Bernie, he could have fled to Russia or Belarus…

Not only my quotes have been taken out of context, which makes them meaningless, but most of what I said was missed. And, finally, if I read a piece like that in Kremlin-controlled newspaper about Rotenberg, I'd have no doubt whatsoever about it... But NYT?!

So perhaps the main purpose of this article was Apple's Jawbone product placement - one can easily identify the bracelet on my wrist? Fine, that explains it - Apple is under investigation for tax issues in Luxemburg, why not extend it a helping hand?