The Lebedevs' cut-price 20p title is biggest winner among national daily papers.

i sold nearly 10,000 more copies than the Independent in August as sales of the cut-price daily begin to pull away from Alexander Lebedev's flagship sister title.

The 20p spinoff, which launched last October, was the biggest winner in the national daily market, recording a 4% month-on-month sales increase to 191,077 copies.

The Independent saw a 1.32% month-on-month drop in August to 180,470, a 1% year-on-year fall, according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations figures released on Friday.

Sales of i overtook the Independent last month.

The Daily Star failed to see a boost from the launch of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 on 18 August, with the self-styled "official Big Brother newspaper" reporting a slight 0.5% month-on-month sales fall in August to 703,218. This was an 18.42% year-on-year fall.

August's circulation figures show little sign of national newspapers benefiting from people seeking updates on riots and looting across England.

Most quality titles – including the Independent, Telegraph and Guardian – all lost sales compared with July.

The Telegraph recorded a 0.32% month-on-month circulation drop, to 632,070, a 6.08% year-on-year fall.

The Guardian, owned by Guardian News & Media which also publishes, fell 3% month on month to 241,287. Its year-on-year sales decline was 11.33%, in part exacerbated by a decision to scrap overseas sales of the title.

However, the Times saw a 1.98% month-on-month circulation boost compared with July, to 449,938. Despite the monthly rise the newspaper posted an 8.96% year-on-year fall.

Each of the national tabloids saw a minor fall in sales in August. The Sun dropped 0.92% month on month to 2,795, 601, which was also a 7.12% fall compared to the same month last year.

The Daily Mirror fell 0.91% month on month to 1,174,924, a 4.71% year-on-year fall.

The mid-market titles, Daily Express and Daily Mail, recorded a small jump in sales compared with July.

The Daily Express rose by 0.61% month on month to 629,764 sales, which was a 6.2% year-on-year fall.

The Daily Mail's sales increased by 0.66% year on year to 2,063,738, a 4.88% year-on-year fall.

Daily Telegraph

Headline circulation: 632,070

Month-on-month change: -0.32%

Year-on-year change: -6.08%

Overseas: 24,936

The Times

Headline circulation: 449,938

Month-on-month change: 1.98%

Year-on-year change: -8.96%

UK and Ireland paid-for circulation: 416,673 (92.6% of total)

Overseas: 33,265

Financial Times

Headline circulation: 331,883

Month-on-month change: 1.4%

Year-on-year change: -11.87%

UK and Ireland paid-for circulation: 69,420 (20.9% of total)

Overseas: 232,355

The Guardian

Headline circulation: 241,287

Month-on-month change: -3.01%

Year-on-year change: -11.33%

The Independent

Headline circulation: 180,470

Month-on-month change: -1.32%

Year-on-year change: -1.07%

UK and Ireland paid-for circulation: 81,624 (45.2% of total)

Overseas: 23,558


Headline circulation: 191,077

Month-on-month change: +4.03%

Daily Mail

Headline circulation: 2,063,738

Month-on-month change: 0.66%

Year-on-year change: -4.88%

UK and Ireland paid-for circulation: 1,813,773 (87.8%% of total)

Overseas: 130,263

Daily Express

Headline circulation: 629,764

Month-on-month change: 0.61%

Year-on-year change: -6.20%

UK and Ireland paid-for circulation: 595,329 (94.5% of total)

Overseas: 34,435

The Sun

Headline circulation: 2,795,601

Month-on-month change: 0.92%

Year-on-year change: -7.12%

Overseas: 86,989

Daily Mirror

Headline circulation: 1,174,924

Month-on-month change: -0.91%

Year-on-year change: -4.71%

Overseas: 59,779

Daily Star

Headline circulation: 703,218

Month-on-month change: -0.50%

Year-on-year change: -18.42%

Overseas: 24,886

Daily Record

Headline circulation: 307,794

Month-on-month change: 0.84%

Year-on-year change: -7.14%

UK and Ireland paid-for circulation: 290,466 (94.3% of total)

Overseas: 15,462

Headline circulation includes lesser rate sales, subscriptions, bulks – copies sold to airlines, rail companies, hotels and gyms for a nominal fee and given free to the public – and distribution in Ireland and overseas. UK and Ireland paid-for circulation excludes bulks and overseas distribution; where this figure is not given, bulks and overseas distribution account for less than 5% of total circulation