In “Gorbuntsov case” it is worth questioning Mr A.Melnichenko, Forbes list, who was head of Conversbank (Moscow) and lives in London.

Suggest 4 more witnesses: A.Egiazaryan, former MP, gangster, now hiding in USA (can be contacted through Department of Justice). Defrauded 2 Russian banks – Mosnatsbank & Unicombank for approximately $1,2 bln – and laundered funds through bank Louis D’or, Barbados (now liquidated). Knows a lot.

A.Gloriozov, professional money-launderer, retired, former owner of Louis D’or, knows a lot about Russian banking mafia. Lives in Belgium.

V.Chernukhin, former deputy Minister of Finance and CEO of the Russian state bank VEB, lives in London, mentioned by The Daily Telegraph when purchased property in London City for £72 mln. Made a fortune over 500 mln USD while in government service.

Beatrice Garcia, Luxemburg lawyer, professional money-launderer for Russian mafia, now under police investigation. 

Are you ready for further cooperation? It may be dangerous: this mafia is worth at least $500 bln of illegal proceeds. And, though Medvedev promised to stimulate whistleblowers, we might not enrich ourselves (correct me if I am wrong, I’m under impression you still consider money an important motive in life?).