Dear friends,

Thank you for your trust in our team. We are confident that together we can achieve impressive results. Our main purpose is your wealth, therefore we have prepared for you extremely interesting offers that will allow you to preserve and multiply your assets.

Many projects are launched with the intention of doing something. Unlike them, we already have competence and developments in the DeFi, which has provided consistent results. For example, the expected profitability for the participants in the initial round of investments amounted to at least 140% per annum in US dollars. The specific parameters will be clear after the launch of the IDF token pool on decentralized exchanges in the coming days.

We are happy to inform that today we have successfully implemented the launch of the main InDeFi smart contract. After a while, you can you will be able to deposit your funds with high profit and receive IDF governance tokens for free in proportion to the system's income (currently in test mode). Those who took part in the primary distribution from December 16 to December 27, 2020, will receive IDF tokens within 24 hours in accordance with the terms of the round (to save your money, we decided to distribute the tokens among the participating wallets of liquidity providers using our resources).

You can also become an InDeFi SmartBank partner, earning income from additionally led funds. At the same time, we are ready to discuss individual conditions for participation in our affiliate program.

Our priority plans include launching breakthrough investment products and services in decentralized finance industry. These plans are indicated in the roadmap on the project website

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact the support service by E-mail - our specialists will be happy to help you. You can also ask any questions in the telegram chat - prompt and comprehensive answers will be provided. All the investments and transactions over $100,000, at your request, can be accompanied by a personal manager.

Sincerely yours,

InDeFi SmartBank Team