Today, April 12, 2021, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the first human space flight, InDeFi SmartBank launched an innovative financial method developed by our specialists. Safe Coin Investing (SCI) is a secure venture capital investment of cryptocurrencies in various business projects. According to SCI smart contracts, investor funds are placed on the InDeFi SmartBank deposit, and the annual percentage yield (APY) is used to finance projects. In return for the provided funds, investors receive tokens for free according to the scheme and on the terms fixed in the White Paper of a particular project.

In this model, fundraisers (initiators) get a unique chance to obtain start-up capital for a new one or involve additional funding for an already operating project directly from liquidity providers, without bureaucratic procedures of the banking system and collateral. For their part, investors are free from the risk of losing their invested funds, which are reliably protected and can be withdrawn by them at any time. At the same time, they receive a digital asset, which, if the project is successful, can bring a profit that is multiple times bigger than the amount of investment.

SCI blockchain mechanics have been tested during the December 2020 launch of InDeFi and have shown impressive results. Early investors, who provided $3.5 million for the preparatory phase, returned their entire investment on March 27 and received IDF governance tokens, which are currently listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, the profitability of their investments has already reached more than 200% p.a.

Within the framework of SCI, on April 15 will start a round of fundraising for a project for the production of electric passenger ships. The Emperium company, created on the basis of the entity Morsvyazavtomatika (St. Petersburg), is a working business in which shareholders have already invested more than $10 million. Emperium has its own shipyard, production base, R&D developments and an already certified model - the Ecovolt catamaran, which is used for voyages on the Neva River and was highly appreciated by experts.

Independent Decentralized Finance SmartBank & Ecosystem develops as the first global bank of smart contracts that provides a wide range of financial services in cryptocurrencies and manages digital assets. For InDeFi SmartBank customers currently are available deposits in USD stablecoins DAI based on ETH, and USDT, BUSD on the BSC blockchain, which provide a stable income of 12 to 25% p.a. Deposits can be withdrawn at any time in any value, yield is accrued daily with the possibility of withdrawal. The nearest plans include issuing of the iUSD dual-currency stable token, inheritance deposits and insurance programs, the launch of a cryptocurrency marketplace, including for NFT. All the clients providing liquidity are at the same time the beneficiaries of InDeFi, receiving free IDF governance tokens, on which the system's income can be accrued. They also form the decentralized community (DAO) that manages the project.

The founder of InDeFi SmartBank Alexander Lebedev said: “The main goal of our team is to improve the welfare of our clients. At the same time, we perceive our mission to take a new step and open the door from the world of the cryptoindustry to the world of the real economy, which creates real, not virtual values. Safe Coin Investing is an opportunity directly, without an intermediary in the person of a bank or other financial structure, to connect a person who has the ability and desire to become an investor with an entrepreneur in need of investment. At any time of the day, anywhere in the world”.

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