April 12, 2012 at 18:01

Dear Mr Murdoch! I understand I can count on you in the struggle with Russian and global corruption

This is my general advice.

“Gorbuntsov case” is a part of huge “Russian corruption (banking) banking mafia” case. Worth approx. $500 bln.

Time: 2003-2012

Main participants: bankers-fraudsters (of which only Ablyazov, Borodin and Pugachov, known in London, stolen from their banks BTA bank, Bank of Moscow, Mezhprombank around 20 bln. USD), their krysha in Central Bank of Russia, and rogue generals (police & FSB). Approx. 50 people.

Money in question: over 500 bln. USD in cash, real estate, jets, gold, other assets. Ah, German shipyards, some other businesses in Europe.

Banks: various, some UK, some Swiss (known to other journalists).

Origins of illegal proceeds: corruption, fraud, extortion etc.

Banks used for laundering & fraud: Russian state banks (VTB, Rosselkhozbank, Bank of Moscow), other illegally bankrupted 200 private banks.

Example: Magnitsky case (Benefitbank, Universalny bank Sberejeniy), laundered $400 mln.

Please advice your media to support EU directive and creation of special international global anticorruption agency (under EU?) with my candidacy as head of it.

Agreed? No pasaran!

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