May 20, 2011 at 18:14

Turning the Popular Front into the Anticorruption Front

We have firm convictions, views and values that we do not alter. We have read Solzhenitsyn, Ginsburg, Nekrasov and Dombrovsky, we have respected Sakharov, listened to “the voices” and told “anti-Soviet” jokes, not simply for entertainment. We have been members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. We have served in intelligence.

We have worked in the Our Home is Russia fraction and made friends with Vladimir Ryzhkov. And we’re still friends. We have established a modern judicial system (yes, it is not perfect!) and a market economy (well, it hasn’t all worked out!). A middle class. An electoral system. A parliament (from which we were eventually “removed”).

In the United Russia fraction, we have made amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, and introduced a special procedure for pre-trial agreement with the investigation. It has helped to solve contract killings, corruption crimes and more. In A Fair Russia, we combated Luzhkov’s corruption and the gambling mafia. Our bill, voted down by United Russia, was submitted by Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev in an even more rigid form. And it was adopted.

We are friends with Shevchuk and interview him. We cooperate with Nemtsov. We can fight on the front, behind the front line, in the vanguard and from the enemy’s rear. Our enemy is global corruption. And its most essential component is corruption in our country.

We work with hundreds of journalists around the world and not the tabloids. We have excellent lawyers and detectives. Prominent politicians cooperate with us. But this is a very challenging task. If the front is willing to tackle it, that would be excellent.

Our investigations cover embezzlement, fraud and money laundering amounting to billions of dollars. Both in the government and the private sector. Here and abroad. Our archives include thousands of legal entities, banks, companies, lawyers, schemers, offshore companies, etc.

We are happy about the preliminary consent of the organisers to see us along the front line, and with our agenda.

Finally, on a personal note. It’s obvious that a corruption fighter from the Forbes list is nonsense. Therefore, giving up business is a must.

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