February 14, 2011 at 15:47

Letter from William Browder

Dear Alexander,

I became aware of the raids on your bank late last year. After reading about this story, I found several familiar names among those law enforcement officers who were involved. In fact on the surface, it looks like they may be part of the same organized criminal group who organized the fraud uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky in which he was effectively killed him to stop him from exposing their role in the crime. Having been the victim of these organized criminals who work as senior officials in the Russian government, I believe that you need to be especially vigilant so that you and your employees don't suffer the same fate as Sergei Magnitsky and the other people who worked with me in Russia. Moreover, since our story became public, we have been approached by dozens of people who also became victims of the same organized criminal group.

The modus operandi of this criminal group is relatively straightforward. It usually starts with some type of political order to either harm or destroy a critic of the regime. Following that, a criminal case is opened against the person who the order is taken out against. At this point, the people who are carrying out the order will then compensate themselves with assets that they are authorized to steal from the person targeted. If anyone gets in their way, they get arrested, and if they resist, they will be killed.

In my case, after complaining about corruption at Gazprom, I was deported from the country, my offices were raided, the police used documents seized in the raid to steal our investment companies, as well as $230 million of taxes that we paid in the previous year, and when we complained about it, they arrested my lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, tortured and killed him.

I am attaching a list of Russian officials who were the key players in the fraud against us and in the false arrest and torture of Sergei Magnitsky. As you are probably aware, the death of Sergei Magnitsky had enormous public resonance all over the world and currently there are a number of initiatives to stop these people from visiting the western countries and enjoying the fruits of their criminal proceeds in the West.

Please feel free to get in touch when you have a moment to discuss what legal steps could be made to bring this criminal group to justice.


William Browder

Tags: Corruption


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